Alpha Plus Shutter Siren


        Today security & safety is a top priority because it is not only about securing our homes and belongings, but also about the safety and security of our family..
          Power Plus India ent., an Electronic Security House provides you the best security solution for your home and business under the brand name of "Power Guaard". When you install a "Power Guaard" security system,you are entering in a complete security zone supported by a network of carefully trained professionals.
          We are offering wide range of products for Home, Offices, Shops, Banks, Godowns, Cars, Bikes and for Self Defense also. Alpha plus Consists of 12 pencil cells. You have to change the all cells after one year for better Performance. This Siren blows for continously 1.5 to 2 Hours. At that time ,you have to change the batteries and making a expenses of minimum rupees , you are saving a Lacs of rupees from Theft , burglary or loot .

          This systems is fitted on the pad lock of the any shutter with nuts & bolts. Fitting time Requires only 15-20 minutes for any Shutter. After closing the shutter , you can lock the shutter from outside . The plunger which is attached with the systems is fully touched with the bottom and system activated .If any intruder tries to break the shutter by 1.5 inches , the plunger becomes free and systems gets activated and siren blows within 15-20 seconds for 1.5 to 2 Hours continuously and at the same time you can receive the dialing on your mobile with continuously redialing

Now Shops & offices safety is your on finger tips now.
        It has own unique features as the name suggests that after putting the system on any unauthorized entry can be restricted or our valuables property can be protected the hooter went on immediately upon any entry. This will prevent theft by sounds of hooter, Which not only tries to prevent the theft and loot and it takes the necessary steps like informing the nearby police station as well as after buzzing loud siren, so that you can reach at the place before anything major incident happened at your office or shop.

Salient Features:
Siren with instant mobile alert on opening of shutter.
Easy to install at any shutter
No electrical fitting is required.
No Temperament can be made with the system.
Very strong against bang.
One year free replacement guarantee.
Dimensions (cms) :30.6(L) X 10.3 (W) X 4.8 (H)
Zinc platted plungers of 5 cms length
Printed circuit board Glass Epoxy with Green masking Conductive thickness of tracks 35 Microns
Weight : 1.5 kgs with packing
Chee siren with 110 dB Audio output
‘AAZ’ Locks
Components :
A)Resistors-Superton (B) Capacitors – Keltron (C) I.C. Philips (D) Transistors-Philips
3 pieces of 9V Dry battery
Fitted with Brass Screw
Installed with Chrome Platted washers and Nut Bolts
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